Monday, January 24, 2011

Please note...

So like every desi in the US of A, I have decided to start a recipe blog. It's only fair that I get a medium to boast about my culinary skills. So you have attention-hungry me and then you have Mai too! So now it's become "our" blog where we're gonna keep adding our recipes to this "book". I miss those days when it used to rain and we  would whip up last minute onion pakodas and potato pakodas along with the sad watery tea in our PG.

Now, I do not want to get into any copy-right issues and God knows there are millions of food blogs out there. Let me be upfront by stating that this blog is a "Recipe Book"...a compilation of recipes that I've read and tried and love! I will cite sources wherever possible and in places where I can't remember the source I would definitely not take credit and just say that "This is a recipe I read somewhere...can't remember where." :) Sounds good?

I made Dal Tadka today and will post the recipe tonight (with pics)

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